Of buttery Brun Maska and sugary Chai

One of my favourite places in the city is Yazdani – an old Iranian bakery established in 1951 which serves hot buttery buns (Brun Maska) and sugary chai (tea). We discovered this place by chance whilst on a cycling tour, housed in an early 20th century building.

 According to Wikipedia, Iranian cafes were originally opened by Persian immigrants to India in the 19th century. Today, Mumbai boasts the largest number of Irani cafes, which are very popular for Irani chai. 

The exterior of the bakery 

Quirky & somewhat endearing quotes 

Old school everything 

Head-scratching worthy- pictures of bodybuilders 

This Iranian restaurant started out serving staple Iranian fare but later focused on being a bakery. We always have the Brun Maska, which is kind of like a toasted white bun drowned in Amul butter (a popular local brand), washed down with sugary fragrant chai; both of which are so good that this should be a “must-go” place for any one visiting Mumbai. :) 

The fantastic brun maska and chai. Ginger biscuits are not so good though. 


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