Eat Clean – Spicy Garlic-Ginger Split Mung Beans fried with Purple Cabbage and Carrot

I just returned from a 26-days trip back to Singapore. What this means is uncountable cups of coffee (ang moh), kopi (tng lang), tea (ang moh), teh (tng lang), silky barley (yakun forever!), homecooked goodness, hawker food, too many pies, tarts and cakes, durians, 红油抄手 (dumplings in hot oil – the only way to eat dumplings), sticks and sticks of sumiyaki, many (four) yushengs, stacks of roast meats and too many trips to YY Ka Fei Dian.

After the major binge feast, I thought I should eat simply and clean (i.e., no processed food) and decided to cook this dish for lunch today. I wish there was a more elegant way to call it, but this will have to do for now – Spicy Garlic-Ginger Split Mung Beans fried with Purple Cabbage and Carrot.

I love love love split mung beans (tau suan) and often cook it as a soup (dal). I just discovered that it also tastes great fried. Depending on your preference, you can have it al dente (firm but not hard) or soft. I prefer it al dente  and have indicated in the recipe below how long to cook for the firmness.

Fried Split Mung Beans

Prep 30 mins

Cook 14-17 mins

Serves 4-6 as part of a meal


(a) 1 tbsp coconut oil

(b) 25g ginger, grated

(c) 16g (about 10-12 cloves) garlic, finely chopped

(d) 1 small green chill, chopped

(e) 1/2 tbsp ground coriander

(f) 1.5 cups split munng beans, rinsed until water runs clear, soaked for 40 mins

(g) 220g (about 5 small ones) carrots, roughly sliced

(h) 300g (1 medium) purple cabbage, sliced

(i) 1/2 cup water

(j) 1 tsp salt

  1. Heat coconut oil in a large wok (or deep frying pan)
  2. Fry ingredients (b), (c) and (d) for about 2 minutes
  3. Add (e) and fry for about 30 seconds
  4. Add (f) and stir-fry for 4 minutes
  5. Add (g), (h) and (i), mix well and cover. Stir occasionally. If ingredients are sticking to wok/pan, add a splash of water.
  6. After 7 minutes (for al dente bite) – 10 minutes (for softer bite), season with (j). Add more salt if necessary.
  7. Tuck in!

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