Beautiful Encounters in Simei

{At a Chinese Medicine Hall}

dialogue in Chinese

Me: *bends down to stroke a leashed dog*
Dog owner: Do you keep a dog?
Me: I used to. Now I have two cats.
Shop owner: A dog and two cats?! What’s next?! An alligator??
Me: That’s too big.
Shop owner: A spider?
Me: ?????
Shop owner: Eh, you don’t say. I sold my tortoise for $1,500 okay!
Me: !!!!
Dog owner: She (the dog) is 89 years old already. She’s lost her “husband” a few years ago. Now whenever she sees a white dog, she will chase after it (thinking that it’s her husband).
Me: Awwwwwww….. *highly amused with the lively chatter*

{Later at the park}

Me: *walks over to an old man sitting on a bench with a scruffy white cat next to him and a pale ginger cat on the grass patch near him*
Me: Uncle, is this your cat? *points at scruffy*
Uncle: No, that one is my cat *points to ginger* She gets jealous of this cat so she sits on the grass instead.
Me: *bends down to say hi to scruffy and is met with 2 menancing hisses*
Uncle: Be careful. She was ill-treated before and doesn’t trust people. It took me many months to gain her trust. Someone poured boiling water on her and her fur was all matted with motor oil. She was hiding under the car for months and I finally got her out. Now she lets me feed her and touch her.
Me: Uncle, that’s so nice of you! How about your cat? How do you train her to sit there and not run away?
Uncle: I don’t really train. I just treat her humanely.

:) Who says Singaporeans are cold and emotionless?


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