Anokhi – Hand Block Printing At Its Best

Hand block printing is the earliest, simplest and slowest of all methods of textile printing. You can find it in various forms across different stores across India. My favourite brand, hands-down, is Anokhi from Jaipur. My first encounter with it was a store inside the gift section of the City Palace in Udaipur. There was a beautiful selection of clothes and accessories fabricated from hand block printed textiles. I exercised MUCH restrain and only bought this gorgeous aqua pouch: 

Anokhi Pouch

And immediately regretted it after leaving Udaipur. Should have bought more!!!

When I returned to Mumbai, I searched online and found out there were 2 physical stores in Mumbai, with one being in my neighbourhood. Yay! This time, I went slightly crazy:

Anokhi Madness

Beautiful handbound notebooks, a scarf, polka-dotted blouse, a pouch and… 3 beautiful hand-carved blocks!

Hand block carved out of wood

I recently saw other Etsy sellers selling identical items and the prices were outrageous. Note to self to stock-up before I return to Singapore! In fact, I may just visit the store again next week… ;)

With the intricate block prints, I made these handbound notebooks (available at my Etsy store!):

IMG_5657 IMG_5648 IMG_5641

So in love with Anokhi!

Name: Anokhi

Address: Govind Dham, 210 Waterfield Road, Bandra West, Mumbai – 400050

Tel: 022  23685761, 23685308

Hours: 10:30 am – 8:00 pm (Sunday Closed)

also at: 
Address:  Rasik Niwas, Metro Motors Lane, Dr. A. R. Rangnekar Marg, Off Hughes Road, Mumbai – 400007
Tel: 022  23685761, 23685308

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