Namaste. Hello. 你好!

I’m Chee Huey, a Singaporean living in Mumbai since 2012. This blog started as a testament to my cooking journey; to help me remember some of the best food I’ve cooked – both through experimentation and religiously following cookbooks. Along the way, I somehow started writing about our travels in India as well as some of my random musings.

If you were to ask me, ‘What is your passion?’ I would struggle to answer. I have many interests.

#1 Cook. I like to cook, especially trying to reverse-engineer my mummy’s food.

#2 Cookbooks. We have a pretty impressive collection of cookbooks and I have to restrain myself every time I see a shiny new one.

#3 Coffee. Coffee art excites me because they look so good for Instagram pictures. heh.

#4 Oh, and I am an #instagramaddict. I post actively to my personal account and my cats’ account (that’s right, a dedicated channel for my hordes of cat pictures).

#5 Paper crafting. The lovely handmade and hand printed paper from Bombay Paperie sparked off my creation of paper goods, simply because I bought too much paper from them.

#6 Beads. A random discovery of a tiny shop near my Mumbai home got me buying tonnes of beads, which lead me to bead stretch bracelets (I have sold a grand total of TWO bracelets at the point of writing).

#7 Travel. We’ve traveled and seen more parts of India than even many of the locals, we believe.

#8 Photography. I take plenty of pictures with my trusty Pentax K-x and iPhone.

Point is, I’m excited about a lot of things and I can’t help but write about them!

So, yes, this blog is not just to document my adventures in the kitchen, but also in this beautiful country we call Incredible India.

Thank you for dropping by and I hope you will have fun reading and viewing my photographs. :)


– updated: 28 April 2014


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