Meet Dharma & Greg

Our two cats, Dharma & Greg take up way too much of my time. I photo-stalk them and end up with this HUGE collection of photos. And because every cat-parent will think their kits are the cutest, they share photos incessantly (guilty as charged).

The photos go primarily to this two sites:

1) INSTAGRAM (duh! :)) 

You can check them out at

2) Tumblr – Purrfectly Content

This is an ongoing little pet (literally and figuratively!) project that I’ve been working on for the past 8 months or so.

Due to the influence of my hubs, I’ve been attending meditation retreats with Ajahn Brahm for the past 3 years and have inevitably been exposed to his talks and books. Short of calling myself a Buddhist, I find much of his teachings appealing, easy to understand and do try to practice what I find practical. Selective Buddhism?

Ajahm Brahm teaches by telling a lot of stories and jokes (some really bad ones :P). And if you listen carefully, there will always be these little nuggets of  “quote-worthy” and “words-to-live-by”, well, words.

This pet project of mine captures those words, coupled with what I think are the cutest (almost) cat pictures one can find – that of my Dharma & Greg. :)

It is my dream to publish a book one day, which will also act as a means to raise funds for a good cause. Parallel to that, I also have a dedicated Tumblr account for this project:

Dharma & Greg



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